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Welcome to Bông Hostel & Cafe in Ha Giang city!

It can be confusing arriving in Ha Giang, as resources for tourists are still developing.  We offer free advice about travel in Ha Giang province. Where will you go?  What will you need?  How can you get closer with the local people?  We can answer these questions, and help you have an enjoyable and memorable trip to our homeland.  Our goal is to promote sustainable tourism to Ha Giang province, and thereby encourage the development of new jobs for the local people.  Also, when local people see that tourists are interested in their traditions and in the nature that surrounds their villages, it encourages them to preserve these things.IMG_3167

Ha Giang is blessed with some of the most incredible scenery in the world, much of which is located within the newly opened Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark.  The Geopark contains not only incredible natural beauty, but also amazing ethnic diversity.  17 different ethnic minority groups live in the Geopark, each with their own unique dress, language, and traditions.  Unfortunately, the people of Ha Giang are also some of the most impoverished in Vietnam.  By developing the tourist industry here, the local people can have access to higher paying and more sustainable jobs, while also preserving their cultures.

Bông means “bloom” in Vietnamese, and is the name of the owner’s niece.  Our logo represents a little girl whose dream is to one day travel and see the world.  The Cafe was opened in August 2015, and the Hostel opened next door in April 2016.  In addition to providing free travel advice, we aim to offer all services that a tourist might need:

Do you need a place to stay?

Do you need to rent motorbikes?

Do you want to book a tour with a local guide?

Do you need bus tickets?

Please contact Bông Hostel & Cafe and let us help you!


The Bông team